17 12 2009

In the Filipino language of Tagalog, we have this word called “Inuman”. Literally translated to English the word means “to have a drinking spree”.  An Inuman is an event in which you and your friends would gather with alcoholic drinks and catch up, reminisce or just talk. Of course, that type of occurance isn’t uncommon to many other cultures. People gather around and talk with alcoholic drinks here in America too, but in the Philippines, I would say there is much more of a social significance to it.  You would really only have an inuman with your close personal friends, and when inumans do occur, a friendship is often strengthened as the inuman itself is a symbol of trust and friendship.

An Inuman would take place usually in someones’ house or in places appropriately called a “Beer House.” Often in these Beer Houses, obviously, beer is the beverage most served. They would serve Filipino foods too that are oily and salty, stuff that goes well with beer.  A Beer House is often very cheap and poorly constructed; it is often looks like a back alley that has just been spruced up to look somewhat like a business. It is a however a place for enjoyment and escape for the poorer of the Filipino population.

The Drink of Choice is either San Miguel Beer, or Red Horse Beer.

San Miguel Brewery is the largest beer producer in the Philippines, with a market share of over 95% as of 2008. It has five breweries spread across the country producing eight beer brands, led by its flagship Beer; San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen. San Miguel Pale Pilsen is a light crisp beer, with more emphasis on flavor. It has rich beer flavor. This company also makes Red Horse Beer, this beer is an extra-strong lager, with more emphasis on the alcohol content.

Filipinos also sometimes choose to drink Gin, in which case the most popular gin of choice is Ginebra San Miguel.

Ginebra San Miguel, is a gin that most people in the Philippines recognize and love. Like all hard liquor in the Philippines however, it is a lot harder down the throat then most Americans I believe are used too. The Filipinos love it however.

San Miguel Brewery is based in the Philippines but recognized worldwide, I have seen San Miguel, Red Horse and Ginebra San Miguel in other countries and my non-filipino friends know of these brands. I am proud to say that the Philippines knows about their alcohol… =)

-Jonathan Nolasco




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