Final Thoughts

17 12 2009

I really enjoyed the class! I really found the Diaspora concept very interesting. I knew the Filipino story & Filipino History very well, as I grew up in the Philippines, but the Filipino-American story and Filipino-American History, I had no idea about. It was great finding that out. It was also amazing to find out that there are actually Filipino-American communities as was demonstrated by the guest speaker. I didn’t know that Filipinos here in America had that much solidarity among themselves to form a community, nor that they were that many in number for communities to actually exist.

I never had the chance to go to College in the Philippines, so I considered this Filipino Activism class to be the closest I can get to that experience. It was great to actually see a Filpina professor. The last Filipino teacher to have taught me was in eighth grade. All that being said, it was a very fun class and a wonderful journey, and I actually looked forward to every Tuesday, never missing a class.

-Jonathan Nolasco




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