Final Thoughts

12 12 2009

The semester is finally over. I have been looking forward to this for quite some time. There was a lot that we have learned in class. To begin, we observed the history of the Philippines and the United States, then how they combine and affect the current state of Filipino Americans. This includes the topics of oppression, seclusion, identity, and diaspora.

My blogs have thus far touched upon these topics. Along with this negativity we have observed, I have observed a more positive sense of the Filipino American culture. My first blog shows the ways that various USF organizations have worked together to help the Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy. In our community service projects, we raised awareness of the emergency and funds to donate to groups aiding those affected by the typhoon.

I also learned of different systems of oppression that Filipino Americans have faced and how it changes the way they are viewed, both internally and externally. Filipino Americans must be educated to better understand their roots and how they can progress in society while still maintaining their culture and identity. I have heard of some of the topics covered in class before, but it was never discussed so deeply and applied to my life. I now have a greater appreciation for my family and have learned that I can act to make positive change with the knowledge which I have gained and will continue to seek throughout my life. Change cannot be done solely by me, nor solely by you. We must act together with power in numbers, knowledge, and care to improve the lives of our children as our ancestors have done for us.





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