Final Thoughts on the Class

11 12 2009

As I mentioned in an earlier post, when I entered this class I knew nearly nothing about the Philippines or their culture. Week by week, I looked forward to learning something new about this culture, and in turn relating the ever-present themes of oppression and brain drain and stereotypes to my own culture. I was glad that our community service was done as a class bake sale; working together in small groups to come together in hopes of raising money for a tragedy in the Philippines greatly enhanced the sense of unity within our class. The final project and potluck was also quite enjoyable. Although there were not a large number of people from outside of the class, the event was a lot of fun. I liked that it was not in a class environment, even though we were presenting our final projects. This, to me, did not allow for any pre-presentation nerves, which I believe led to better presentations. I have already recommended this class to a number of my friends that are looking for a service learning class, and I hope that once they take this class they will come away from it with as much as I have.

Marisah Garcia




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