Final Blog

11 12 2009

Finally, this is the final blog for this class. This class has been fun for me because before, I did not know anything about the Philippines and Filipino culture except that I have a friend who is Filipino. However, I now learn the history of the Philippines; I investigate the relationship between ASEAN countries and the Philippines. I also try to find Filipino food that I enjoy. I actually like Pancit Palabok a lot. I also learned the immigration history of the Philippines to the United States and how it affects the people in the Philippines itself.

The Filipino people are very responsible to their homeland. The concept of going to work in the U.S. and sending money back to the Philippines, or go back to the Philippines to retire there is very interesting.

I also enjoy doing the bake sale to help relieving the victims of the Hurricane Ondoy. It was very fun selling those foods and knowing that we are doing good things. I hope this class would be offered every semester so anyone who is interested can join and learn more about the Filipino culture.

Thanks Irene and Claudine

Paween Itthipalkul



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