Variety Shows in the Philippines

10 12 2009

Just earlier today, I happened to arrive at home when a Filipino variety show, “Showtime” was just about to start. Thinking to myself, I had nothing to do at the time being, I decided to sit down and watch the show. Upon seeing the hosts of the show and the introductory dance that not only the hosts danced, but the crowd as well, I was pretty fascinated. It was just a joy to see everyone–hosts, dancers, judges, and the entire crowd singing and dancing to the theme song of the show. The show is about dance troupes and groups entering the show to perform in front of a live audience. It reminded of the American show “So You Think You Can Dance?” There were also five judges, who were also celebrities/dancers themselves. Upon seeing the performances, it occurred to me how fame and show business is extremely popular in the Philippines. Everyone there adore and idolize celebrities. During the performances, I saw how passionate the dancers were, as well as how the crowd were really enjoying the groove of the show! It was such a relaxing feeling being able to see for once, positivity on TV. After watching the show, it made me think about how Filipinos are very much into variety shows. Whether they be from the low, middle, or upper class, they all enjoy watching these fellow citizens act, sing or dance on TV. I believe that here in the United States, as well as in other nations, Filipinos watching these type of shows feel more “at home” or in touch with their culture. It is definitely a great way to end the day with stress-free relief such as watching variety shows like “Showtime.”

-Justine Encarnacion




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