The Philippines

10 12 2009

Tonight, my mom is headed for a flight to the Philippines for a quick visit. I had wanted to go but finals is next week and I have to start studying this weekend. I love going to the Philippines, and I have gone every year since I was around 3 or 4. I visit my relatives every summer and on some occasions during the winter for Christmas and New Year’s. Even though I hate the weather there (way too hot and humid for me. I’m a San Franciscan.. I’d rather have the cold.) I enjoy going to the malls and seeing how people go about their daily lives. It’s actually very sad there sometimes. I recall this one night I was getting back from a dinner with my family, and it had been raining really hard so there were massive pools of water on the streets. The young children who lived under the bridge and in shacks on the street were in these filthy puddles, naked, either taking a shower or trying to swim in it. It’s disgusting because these waters were very apparent in their filth and they were all brown, murky, and had things floating around in them.

This is something that made me really sad seeing because the difference between the rich and the poor in the Philippines is so significant that it’s almost ridiculous. I know a family in the Philippines who are currently building a house on this lot. They are wealthy and they took me to the house site to show me where every thing will go and what rooms go where. They have four children and all four children, they said, will have their own bathroom attached to their humongous rooms. There’s four stories in this house and the top floor is for media and entertainment purposes (ex; a pool table, the library, TV room). When I take a look at the houses on the street, I see them using candles and sleeping in one room shacks when there are so many more people who are also living in that household. I see people cook outside and eat outside. Many people, especially younger children, tap your window trying to advertise products to us, such as drinks or maybe a hat.  There’s just this huge gap between the rich and the poor. But I can’t say that this isn’t the same for America either.

-Gen Iseri




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