That was 16 weeks already??

10 12 2009

Fall semester is just about done. And today, Knowledge Activism class will meet for the last time to have a grand time presenting each barangay’s assigned qualities, and not to forget, to share some really good food.

This semester was quite short, especially since KA only met once a week. But it was really fun. I liked how the class was just a casual class, nothing formal, and everyone was open to “speak their minds” and share ideas, especially within the barangays. It was a fun way of learning. The fundraising for the service learning hours was also really fun and and it was an eye-opener. When I was back home, I usually didn’t really care about news about families that were affected by typhoons.  But seeing how people here, 7000 miles away, cared so much and really wanted to help, I was deeply moved.

When I registered for KA, I really wasn’t sure of what I was getting into. I already have service learning hours from another class and I was mainly just gonna take KA for the 2-credits and it made me think this would be an easy class. It was pretty easy. But then again, it wasn’t just for the simplicity that made me like the class. Knowledge Activism was one class that made me feel closer to home. Studying about our culture, I noticed many things that I wouldn’t have normally noticed if I was back home. And it wasn’t just studying about our culture, it was also about relating it to other cultures especially the ones here in the US. It made me feel more proud about my country because it was really a big honor for a class, all the way here in the US, study about the Philippines and look at the positive things about it and not just criticize it like what some people do, sadly.

It wasn’t just the class overall. Looking at a smaller scale, my barangay, Berks, had been really great! April, Marisah and Tam have all been really eager about the things that we had to do together, especially about our final presentation on kapwa, which we’ll see later how it goes.

Knowledge Activism made me realize how Filipino I am more than I actually thought. That’s a pretty big deal to me, especially when I thought I was already so Filipino. But see, being a Filipino wasn’t just about living in the Philippines, or missing home, or wearing shirts expressing Filipino pride, or even being surrounded by a whole group of Filipinos. It was much more than that. It was appreciating what I have as a Filipino, taking pride in what my fellow Filipinos had gone through (during the harsh migration times), doing whatever the least I can do to reach out and help my fellow Filipinos back home, and most of all, imparting to others whatever idea or “knowledge” we felt like sharing without having the fear of being laughed at or rejected (no to oppression!)

Thank you, Irene and Claudine, for the really really fun and enriching class! =)

-Zyrelle A. Santos




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