10 12 2009

Thanksgiving is the time of year when families come together to give thanks for all the blessings that they have. Many celebrate by coming together with immediate members of the family to share a meal at the dinner table. Each family may celebrate a different way or not even celebrate at all. I have a couple friends who don’t do anything with their families either because they are too far away from home and it would be too expensive to fly back home just for the weekend or because their family never grew up with celebrating it or because their families aren’t that close. So for my friends like these, we usually have a thanksgiving potluck where we can celebrate and bring favorite foods to make everyone feel more at home. It’s just a time where we share with them our thankfulness for their company. Not only is it that close friends celebrate, but I attended both the Greek Council annual potluck and the Kasamahan potluck. The Greek Council puts a potluck on every year that helps to bring not only members of Greek organizations, but also their friends and family. Being of different cultures and ethnicities we come to share a little of us with others and also the Greek community shows other of out accomplishments with a slide show presentation of events and things we’ve done and show how thankful we are with all our blessings. We also invite others to share with us in our future events. This year, both the Greek Council and Kasamahan potluck were on the same day so my friends and I made time to make sure we attended both to make sure everyone knew we were equally as thankful for all of them. The Kasamahan event of course started late as with any Filipino party, but it was okay as long as the majority of the group was there. I was actually surprised to see that there were a lot of different varieties of food available and enough for everyone as well. One of the things that I thought was pretty neat was that there was a cooking competition. members of the E-board decided it would be fun and it really was. It allowed for everyone to take part as judges. This is how I believe traditions are born. Something fun that everyone agrees on would in one way or another show up again the next year. For me and my family, we usually start our day with lunch. Instead of having a sit down at a huge table, we have the entire table full of food alont with the counter and another smaller table. This year, Thanksgiving was at my house and my mom’s 5 brothers and sisters (since they all live in Vallejo) came over with all their families and significant others. Each family brought one or two dishes and a dessert so you can imagine how much food we had. We always wait until everyone was there till we held hands around the table, prayed, and gave thanks for our many blessings. Many of the dishes that we had weren’t traditional Thanksgiving food, but rather many filipino dishes and desserts along with turkey, ham, pot roast, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. The men always watching sports, the women chismising, the kids running around and the cousins aways sitting by the food. Towards the end of the night as the coffee maker comes out for the adults, the courins are out the door to watch a movie. After Thanksgiving day, my entire family meets up again the Friday and Saturday to finish all the food and to be together again. My family is really close and we do a lot together. Filipino families tend to stay close so we don’t forget our roots and also so we don’t leave anyone behind.




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