10 12 2009

People are always being stereotyped or they are stereotyping others especially people of certain races. Being Filipino, there are many stereotypes that people make. There are the stereotypes that all Filipinos drive Hondas, they all live in Daly City, you will always see Filipino teeny-boppers in Serramonte, they are always on Filipino time, and there are many others. But what is funny is that many of the stereotypes, the ones that aren’t offensive are true half the time. When I go to Daly City, the majority of people that I see are Filipino. A lot of my old friends live in Daly City, I used to live in Daly City. If you ever go to Serramonte, you will always see little Filipino teeny-boppers kicking at the mall with no intention of buying anything. And the stereotype that Filipinos are always late is very true for some people, they really are on Filipino time. I have been to family parties and church events where most of the people would arrive about an hour or hour and a half late. I’m not going to lie, I find myself lagging and taking my time knowing that I have to be somewhere at a certain time. Though we are not supposed to stereotype or whatever, but many times those stereotypes are true.

-Raymund Bueno




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