10 12 2009

I was sitting down eating dinner one night and a Family Guy episode came on. In this particular episode, Peter Griffin and his family go on a voyage to China. This show premiers on Television mainly on MTV, but you can also find this specific clip on youtube. As Peter is walking down the street, he bumps into a lot of Chinese men and says, “Oh my God, it’s Jackie Chan!” He had done this at least three or four times and one Chinese man looked at him and said, “Oh my God, you’re Ethan Hawk!” This is just one of the stereotypes that Americans have on Asians. They assume that because you look Asian, you must be Chinese, and you must know Kung Fu, like Jackie Chan does. To them, every Asian is probably the same. Whenever people see me, the first thing they assume is that I’m Chinese. Even though there are judgments on the Chinese by the Americans, however, many Asian people are quick to stereotype as well. When they think of Americans, they think of light/white skin colored people who are tall, have big noses, blonde hair and blue eyes. This stereotype was also mentioned in a film that I had watched previously where people from Korea had migrated over here, and expected to see white people with blonde hair and blue eyes.
It’s just funny how there are stereotypes like this that will never go away. It puts us into categories and therefore builds an invisible wall that separates us mostly culturally, even if you are Asian and you were born in the States.

Youtube clip –

-Gen Iseri




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