Stereotypes 2

10 12 2009

As I was putting in my last post, I thought about the stereotypes many people have on Filipino. As a quarter-Filipino, I go through these stereotypes as well as the harsh judgments on Japanese and Chinese. When people are guessing my nationality, the first thing they say is, “You’re Asian. So you must be Chinese.” I can’t deny them because I actually am Chinese even though I hate the fact that the first Asian they go to is the Chinese. The second thing they say is, “Well, You’re small. So you must be Filipino. Filipino people are short.” It’s ridiculous. I’m short because my genes made me out to be short. My dad, who is of Japanese descent, isn’t that short. He stands at around 5″8 – 5″9.

Many of the other stereotypes and judgments that come along with being Filipino are things like, “Do you live in Daly City or South SF? Do you eat Rice everyday? You Filipinos have weird food.. like Kare kare and Diniguang. There’s so much fog in Daly City ’cause of all your guys’ rice cookers” etc etc. They are also hesitant to guess me as a Filipino because I’m not dark, but I know a lot of Filipinos who are fair-skinned. This just shows how people can be so ignorant when it comes to race and nationality. I don’t like how society coined the term “race” and just slapped it on people, putting up walls and barriers. Some walls could be not getting a job because you’re a part of a minority. Some jobs people don’t even go for because they think minorities or someone of a different race than them should be getting it ( like a fast food restaurant job ). We have programs such as affirmative action, but you know the main reason we got those programs is because these minorities complained and called it unfair how this certain percentage of white students get in while if you look at other races in the school, they are all at a low percent. But it has gotten significantly better.

-Gen Iseri




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