SF Filipinas Loosing Their Jobs

10 12 2009

As the recession continues to have negative effects on great numbers of people around the country, many of our own fellow Filipinos here in the bay area are also suffering. As San Francisco’s financial troubles continue to get worse hundreds of workers continue to loose their jobs. More than five hundred city workers have recently been laid the past month. It is estimated that about three hundred of these workers are certified nursing assistants. Of these three hundred workers many of them are Filipinas. Many of these nursing assistants were given pink slips, but instead of being let go there were demoted to working as patient care assistants. While it is good that they still get to keep a job, they are forced to take a twenty five percent pay cut. They are basically doing the same job as a CNA would for less pay. Their pay cut requires them to have to work two jobs just to pay their bills and makes it harder for them to be able to afford health insurance for their families. It will take about eight million dollars to restore these jobs, but the city of San Francisco is five hundred million dollars in debt. The future looks bleak for the many minorities who provide basic services to many people of the city of San Francisco.

~Nicole Pagusara




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