Say no to marshal law!!

10 12 2009

Anthony Santana
A few weeks ago I wrote about one of the worst political massacres in Filipino history. The Ampatuan family which is the political authority of the southern portion of the Philippines is accused of this horrendous act. In response to this event, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ordered Marshal Law on the region controlled by the Ampatuan family. Marshal Law allows the Filipino government to arrest anybody they want, and even search houses without warrants. President Arroyo believes this is necessary to help build a case against the Ampatuan family. However, I believe this type of governing will only make the Philippines less democratic and ultimately lead to more violence against their citizens.
A country that wants any respect from their citizens cannot implement Marshal Law in a case such as this. Marshal Law should only be reserved for a worst case scenario. Yes, what was done to the political victims by the Ampatuan family was horrible, especially to the women who were sexually mutilated, however, this still does not give President Arroyo authority for Marshal Law. For one, this makes her look like a dictator or fascist, especially to the people living in the southern region. Innocent people are being rounded up by the government, probably tortured, and then scarred for life even though they weren’t responsible. This will only create more terrorist towards the government of the Philippines. The government instead should try to solve this crime democratically; this will put faith in the citizens of the Philippines towards their government. Continuing Marshal Law will only lead to more violence for generations to come.




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