Pinay Rocks LA Lingerie Fashion Show

10 12 2009

Have you ever heard of Kim Muñoz? I have never heard of her until I read this article about her online. It turns out that she is actually a Filipina fashion designer. She the head of the design department for a company called Biatta Intimates, which manufactures lingerie in major stores around the U.S. Some companies that they manufacture for are Victoria’s Secret and Saks Fifth Avenue. She designed the pieces of lingerie that were shown last month during LA fashion week this past month and even modeled some of the creations as she walked down the runway. She works with two other Filipinas named May Ulandez and Kat Jacob who also designed and modeled the Biatta collection. Being honored with the opportunity to be apart of LA fashion week was one of her biggest dreams and she was thrilled at chance to be apart of it. After the successful runway show the LA fashion community applauded her. It is great to see fellow Filipinos become successful and famous for their creativity. We have seen a number of Filipinos become recognized in the mainstream entertainment industry and it is nice to see that Filipinos are beginning to become recognized in the mainstream fashion industry also.

~Nicole Pagusara




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