My Last Blog: Filipino Identity

10 12 2009

Before I get into my topic, I just want to take a couple of lines to say how much fun Knowledge Activism was. Not only was this class super chill, but I learned a lot, from what the term “diaspora” is and its significance to the Filipino community, to really how big of a role colonization had on not just Filipino society but as well as Filipino American society. I also did not know that the very first Filipino actually came to New Orleans in the 1500’s! (I originally thought they came over here in the 1700’s and settled in Sa Luis Obispo). Overall, I cant help but appreciate how much KA has opened my mind.

With that said, I’d like to get into my topic: Filipino Identity. What is it, exactly? What does it mean to be a Filipino? For as long as I’ve prided myself in having pinoy heritage, this was a question that I’ve constantly revisited over and over again (I’m actually revisiting it right now as I’m writing this article).

So what is Filipino identity? Is it when you look at your passport’s citizenship and it tells you you’re Filipino? Is buying a bunch of New Era Hats with a Filipino flag on it and wearing shirts that say “Proud to be Pinoy” or “Go Manny”? Is it walking in your house and identifying with a big fork and spoon on the wall? (as stereotypical as that sounds)

Some of you might be able to relate to what I just said. Well, think about this: Could Filipino identity be about realizing the history of your ancestors and the country, from the famous strike of the sword wielded by Lapu Lapu on Magellan, or when Jose Rizal helped spark a revolution when he finished writing Noli me Tangere and El filibusterismo.

Or forget all about the countries history, what about your families history? And all the ones who came before you, realizing the struggles and hardships that they all faced to get and everything that they’ve sacrified, just to get us here today.

Or heck, what about your own history? What has happened in your own lifetime that has led you to identify yourself among the Filipino people?

To this day, I still don’t think you can put a definition on what Filipino identity is. It’s something different for everyone. For me at least, all I know is that I’m proud to be Filipino.
-Nes Martin Morales




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