mmmm coconut wine…

10 12 2009

Anthony Santana
So I’m sitting here with my dog Bodhi snuggled besides me, while I’m drinking a nice glass of wine. Which got me thinking, what do Filipinos drink? So I did some research and there’s a lot! However, the most traditional, and the most island sounding is a drink called Lambanog. Lambanog is distilled from the sap of a coconut flower. A drink made of coconut flowers has to be amazing! There’s nothing like having coconut flavored alcohol to cool you down during a hot day. However, I have no idea if Lambanog even taste like coconut, come to think of it, it probably doesn’t taste anything like coconut at all. I mean vodka is made from potatoes, but doesn’t taste like it! I’m sure somebody in our class has tried Lambanog, let me know what it tastes like!
The more I read about Lambanog the more I learned about the cultural significance it possesses. For one, the methods for making the liquor are usually passed on generation to generation. One of the oldest distilleries for Lambanog was founded in 1918 showing that this drink has some serious history. Another association of Lambanog is that it’s known as “the poor man’s drink” because it’s so easy to make. Cheap alcohol is usually a stable for most cultures, for example vodka for the Russians and Whiskey for the Irish. Tough times usually call for a drink or two…ah hell maybe three! This is why Lambanog must be great, because the Philippines have a long history of tough times.




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