Final Thoughts On KA

10 12 2009

It was an adventure in Knowledge Activism this semester. I leaned a lot about the history of the Filipinos in the Philippines and also the Filipino Diaspora. We talked about reasons why Filipinos decided to emigrate from the Philippines and I was able to relate what we learned in class to my own personal family history. It was interesting to see that many of the other people in the class had family members experience the same stories to share also even if they did not come from a Filipino background. I enjoyed this class because we all could relate in some way to each other even though we were all strangers to each other in the beginning of the semester. I also thought that it was amazing that we could all come together as a class to organize and successfully pull off a charity bake sale. We definitely made way more money than I expected we could have made and I am glad that the money will be going to a great cause that will help many people back in the Philippines who really need it. I enjoyed volunteering at Westbay and helping out the youth of the Filipino community. I definitely will be going back there as much as possible to volunteer. Overall I thought this was a good class and I enjoyed being a part of it.

~Nicole Pagusara




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