Final Thoughts

10 12 2009

Knowledge Activism this semester was pretty fun. We got to learn about Filipino culture, society, tradition, and how to deal with stereotypes. We were able to come together as a class to work for a good cause, having two fundraisers-Poleng Lounge and the bake sale- and raised enough money that would make a difference in the lives of those who experienced the tragic typhoon in the Philippines. We were able to learn things about each other as well and I feel that having non-Filipinos in the class too made it a lot more interesting being able to see how they look at our culture and not only open our eyes but we opened theirs as well. The class was interesting and I really like how it was more of a take action kind of class rather than papers and assignments. It got me more interested in it and wanting to do more rather than being forced to do something. I enjoyed the class. Thank you.




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