Filipino Television Shows

10 12 2009

My parents, especially my mom, really enjoy watching the Filipino Channel (TFC) at home after a long day at work. Shows can include soap operas and a variety show called Wowwowwee. I do not fully understand the different Filipino languages, so i don’t watch much of the Filipino Channel. However I have noticed that the Philippines has quite a lot of shows that are a replica of the popular night time television shows here in America. These shows include Deal or No Deal, The Singing Bee, Pinoy Big Brother, and Pinoy Dream Academy. Most of us are familiar with the show Deal or No Deal with the bald host Howie Mandel. Yes, the Philippines airs a television show with the exact same concept and name in their country, with a host, suitcases, and girls. The Singing Bee is another television show that is similar to American television show hosted by former Nsync member Joey Fatone. Pinoy Big Brother – same idea. As far as Pinoy Dream Academy, this is show combined with American Idol and Big Brother.

I think Filipinos admire Americans. Many dream of moving to America for better opportunities and a better life. In addition, we can see that they are in awe of the television aired in America as well.

-Racquel Aquino




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