Class Project

10 12 2009

-Kiernan Rien
For our final project Lauren, Anthony, and I wanted to see how much people actually knew about the Philippines. Not being Filipino all three of us didn’t know about the peoples or culture of the Philippines. However, after taking our Knowledge Activism class we wanted to test out our newly acquired knowledge of the Philippines on other people. We took a video camera on the Lone Mountain campus and began to interview various people with various results. We asked questions like what is the capital of the Philippines. What does the concept of brain drain mean? What was Ondoy and what catastrophic event was it similar to in the United States? Do you know of any stereotypes about Filipinos? And what problems do Filipinos face in San Francisco? These were questions that most of the RISQ group didn’t know when we first started the class, but we now have a pretty good grasp on every single one of them. When we went out into the campus to see if anyone knew these questions, we were surprised to find that some people did and some didn’t. However, the one question that almost all of the interviewees didn’t know was what problem Filipinos face in San Francisco, a critical question that all people should be able to answer. I have learned that they face a lot of problems. The one I find the most shocking is how some Filipinos with Masters Degrees and Doctorate Degrees move to the U.S. and can’t find a quality job. This class has made me very aware of some of the hardships the Filipino community faces.
-Kiernan Rien




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