celebrities running for office

10 12 2009

Recently, I heard of news saying how Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is running for office in the Philippines. That was not shocking at all. Considering the fact that Pacman had reportedly, on a consistent basis, helped feed thousands of his countrymen especially in his home province, it is not a surprise that he is running for office. It may be a big step being an elected Congressman but with his popularity and the honor he has brought his fellow Filipinos, I am certain that he will be a crowd favorite. Prior to this news, I recall the Philippines having a once popular action star who became the elected president. It was former president Joseph Estrada. During the time he proposed to run for President, everyone thought he was not serious at first. Until election day was nearing when he started campaigning and making speeches, everyone started talking about him. I noticed how there was a division of opinions. There were those who supported him, merely because he was their “idol” or their favorite actor. These people were die hard fans who helped throughout the actors campaign. The rest of the crowd, however, questioned his ability to lead and govern people, knowing how he does not have any educational background that is related to politics in general. He merely had philosophies and hopes to run the country with his beliefs. Among others who also ran and won office within the government were Bong Revilla, Jr., Lito Lapid and Jinggoy Estrada.

-Justine Encarnacion




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