Being a Majority and Minority

10 12 2009

I was always around filipinos even when I was younger. I grew up in Daly City, which everyone knows is little manila, and I went to a predominantly all Filipino grade school, OLM. Filipinos were the majority at the school. Each class had about 50 kids, and out of that 50 a good percentage of them were Filipino. But things changed when I went to high school. I went to Junipero Serra High school, which is out in the Peninsula. Here I was the minority. Filipinos only made up a small percentage of the school’s demographic. Even on the football team, me and my friend were the only Filipinos on the team, but he ended up not playing his junior or senior season so I was the only Filipino on the varsity team. Unlike some other schools, Serra did not have any type of Fil-Am organizations. What was funny was that the Hip Hop Club was basically the Filipino club because most of the members were Filipino. Now in college here at USF, I feel like I’m back in grade school where most of my friends are Filipino. As I look back its crazy thinking how I went from being a majority, to a minority, to a majority again.

-Raymund Bueno




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