After Thoughts

10 12 2009

-Kiernan Rien
So, this year in my Knowledge Activism class has been really cool. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about the Philippines and the Filipino culture. The class was fun too; it was a big community of good people working for a common goal. Overall, I though the class was a success. I learned about hurricane Ondoy and how it was similar to Katrina; I learned about Filipino foods and cooking styles. One of the foods I tried was musubi, it spam and rice wrapped in seaweed. Not bad. I also learned about the Spanish Galleons that transported Filipinos and how when passing North America some Filipinos jumped ship. This is why Filipinos are in New Orleans. I learned that the Philippines is experiencing brain drain, this is the movement of highly skilled people, especially scientists and technical workers, to a country offering better opportunities. This really hurts the Philippines because the chances of development become limited. Unfortunately for the ones who move away, their college degrees can sometimes mean next to nothing in the United States. I have really enjoyed this class and will definitely promote it to anyone looking to pick up two units. Thanks everyone for a good year!
-Kiernan Rien




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