9 12 2009

SPAM is a very popular food used in Asian dishes such as spam musubi (a kind of spam sushi). At our bake sale, we sold spam musubi. The most popular place to buy this dish is L&L Hawaiian Drive-In. It’s about $2.00 per piece, and one of my favorite foods. What people usually ask is, what exactly is SPAM and what’s in it? After researching the contents of SPAM, I found out that it contains a mixture of ham and chopped pork shoulder with salt, sugar, water, and sodium nitrite. Although this doesn’t sound that appetizing, it makes for a great snack when you grill it in thin slices until brown, or serve it with eggs and rice. In Hawaii, it is served at the local McDonald’s on the breakfast menu with scrambled eggs and white rice. There are a lot of jokes about SPAM being a mystery meat and it being used in a lot of Asian dishes. I recently brought a few of my teammates who are from out of state and from a majority white area to L&L to try musubi. We also had them try kalua pig, laulau, and other Hawaiian dishes. They liked it, but were definitely a bit hesitant in trying it.

-Lauren Quach




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