Prepping for RiSQ Final

9 12 2009

Today was quite an experience trying to get people to answer questions about Filipino culture. For the most part, RiSQ (the non-Filipino barangay) didn’t have trouble getting interviewees, but trying to explain some of the questions and answers was pretty funny, as you guys will see for our final presentation. We asked several questions ranging from “easy” to “hard” in terms of common knowledge. We as a group were somewhat surprised by some people’s knowledge, or lack thereof. One of the things we took away from this experience was that Filipino culture is definitely not mainstream and our class is a great opportunity to gain more knowledge about what aspects of Filipino culture have been problematic in San Francisco. Even basic knowledge about Filipino history such as who first colonized the Philippines is not common and Knowledge Activism is a good gateway class for those interested in Filipino studies. We even got a chance to talk to the head of the department Professor Gonzales who was full of information. We are definitely excited to see everyone else’s presentations to see what they came up with.

Thanks to every who starred in our video. They were definitely good sports because we asked some pretty tough questions.

-Lauren Quach




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