9 12 2009

One of the first things I think of when I hear of Filipinos and Filipino culture is definitely the food, more specifically, lumpia. My mom fries up some pretty mean lumpia. She also makes this garlic and onion vinegar sauce that I salivate just thinking about.
Upon researching one of my favorite foods, I found out that lumpia actually originated in China. In the Netherlands, they are called loempia. The Vietnamese do their own version with a thinner rice paper called Spring Rolls. When people are usually asked to describe what lumpia is, many say “a Filipino version of the egg roll.” This dish is also popular in Indonesia. There are many types of lumpia: lumpia hubad, lumpia sariwa, lumpia shanghai, lumpia prito, lumpia ubod, and turon. My mom, not surprisingly, makes the lumpia shanghai version. Turon is one of the highlights of the semester, as this is the first time I’ve ever tried it (at our bake sale). It looks interesting because it looks like a regular lumpia so I almost expected a salty, fried taste, but instead got a sweet surprise. I’ve ordered lumpia at many different places, but I must say, Jollibee’s is definitely my favorite because they’re nice and small, making them easy to eat.

-Lauren Quach




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