Filipinos and Nursing

9 12 2009

For quite a while, Filipinos have been known to take Nursing as their major. This has fascinated me eversince high school, considering the fact that I myself chose nursing as my major. To me, this has become a Filipino stereotype, with folks saying a typical Filipino graduating high school would choose Nursing as their major. I have seen incidences where my friends from high school were told and advised by their parents to take Nursing, since “it will make you a lot of money.” I have friends, up to this day, who have chosen the major just to please their parents and have them stop the nagging. Majority of those people who are seemingly “forced” to do Nursing end up not studying as much, partying instead of focusing on school, etc. I do agree that if it’s not something you are passionate about, it will be absolutely difficult for you to go through all four years of Nursing with flying colors and the knowledge of the expertise.

Personally, I am a third year Nursing major here at USF. The program in itself is very challenging, yet interesting (if you’re really passionate about the area of expertise.) I find myself ridiculed by some people saying, “Oh you’re just taking Nursing because your parents told you to and because you’re Filipino.” Most of the time I find it funny since I know deep within me that my parents did not play a role in my decision making process upon graduating high school. I chose Nursing on my own since I have a fascination and a passion for caring for people and doing hands-on care. Other than that, I hope that this issue will soon be solved and that others would stop thinking that all Nursing majors that are Filipino are just forced to take the major just because of the high income it can potentially bring.

-Justine Encarnacion




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