Filipino Tattoos

9 12 2009

I love tattoos. I have about six and I was interested in looking at pictures of Filipino tattoos. I feel like people of every race love to get Chinese characters (I’ve seen people with characters that don’t even make sense – like Ketchup and Mustard, but that’s another story). I have the character “gah” on my right ankle, meaning Family, surrounded by 3 stars representing myself, my mom, and my grandma. However, I’ve never seen any traditional, or even untraditional Filipino tattoos, other than my friend who has an image of a cockfight on his right arm. The website is a blog about Filipino-related ink and what it represents in people’s lives. Some of the most common images were the Filipino sun and words in Baybayin design such as Lakas (strength), Maganda (Beautiful), Dakila (Honor), Galang (Respect), Tiwala (Trust), and Pag-ibig (Love). Other pictures I saw were tats of the Filipino flag, words in Tagalog, and After looking at these picture, it reminded me a lot of Kanji and how some words can be translated indirectly to mean something else in English. Even though I’m not really close with my Chinese roots, but it’d be interesting to learn more about it and then get some ink about the history.
I’ve included some pictures below from the website.

-Lauren Quach




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