Volunteering and volunteers

8 12 2009

I talked to a person who had been working/volunteering (I wasn’t sure, He didn’t quite clarify it to me) at the Folsom Street Fair back a few weeks ago and his insight on his volunteer work was very interesting and eye-opening. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went there, seeing as I have never attended such an event except for “Love Fest” on Castro, and I was astonished to see so much nudity on just one block. He helped me through this experience by making me laugh, however, and he was a very nice man. Sadly I forgot what his name was, but he had told me that doing these events made him feel accomplished and he felt as if he was helping these people in some way. It was hard for me to feel that way, seeing as I was doing Recycling at the fair. He told me that every one who worked on this fair, the volunteers and the actual workers, had a reason to do these kinds of things. Whether it is helping out the community we live in or just looking for a way to do something that was eye-opening to someone.

To him, the meaning of working at such events meant that he was given an opportunity to change someone’s life, if even slightly. That was the most important thing to him and was his primary motive for working there. His secondary motive was gaining the experience personally and using it in real life happenings. This was something that really touched me; that he devoted so much to people he didn’t or barely even knows. I’m not sure as to why he started doing this (seeing as there is a beginning or a “push” to almost anything) but I didn’t bother asking. This reason was enough for me to hear and really made me feel good about working there.

-Gen Iseri




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