8 12 2009

Since I am an Asian mutt, A Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino mix, it’s often hard to identify with just one ethnicity in particular. So during Thanksgiving, I celebrate two times, with each side of the family. My mom’s side is more traditional because they are from the Philippines. Even though this may be, we still have Turkey and honey smoked ham, casseroles, stuffing, all the traditional American food with an Asian twist. It’s actually very delicious and I love it.

I usually have Thanksgiving with my dad’s side, however, and the Thanksgivings with my mom’s side only started just recently – in the past 2 years or so. I don’t really know why we started it, but I’m not complaining. My dad’s side is actually from here, and my grandmother was born here in California, in Berkely to be more specific. We have a more American style Thanksgiving with the traditional Turkey, stuffing, gravy, etc etc all that good stuff.

Because of this tradition I identify myself to be an Asian American, but not just an Asian, I affiliate myself with Japanese, Chinese, and the Filipino community here in San Francisco. I love being a mixed Asian. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

-Gen Iseri




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