Please donate to the Children’s Hunger Fund

8 12 2009

Recently, my coworkers and I recently started our donation run for the Children’s Hunger Fund, a nonprofit organization helping feed, bathe and clothe children all over the world, especially in countries like Ghana, Vietnam, Philippines, etc. We have chosen this organization since it has been known to serve the underprivileged children worldwide in the most effective manner. What we are doing is that we are gathering donations and putting everything into a lump sum of money that we are sending to the Children’s Hunger Fund organization. Personally, I donate to the organization on a monthly basis, knowing the fact that every $12 can feed one child for a whole entire month, meaning $300 can feed a whole classroom! It is fascinating seeing how organizations like the Children’s Hunger Fund put an effort into serving the less fortunate. Moreover, the organization has helped victims of natural calamities, naming a few—victims of hurricanes and typhoons, including the victims of the Ondoy typhoon in the Philippines. Knowing how the organization helps children worldwide made me even more eager to help out raise thousands of money for the charity. At the moment, we have a goal of achieving and raising $5,000 for the CHF for the holiday season. Having raised money on a monthly basis for the organization has helped me open my eyes to the wonder that lending a helping hand can bring. Even finding people who can help reach out to the needs of these children is such a rewarding feeling! It makes me feel more grateful about what I already have in life. Other than that, for those of you who would like to help us raise money for these kids, please feel free to contact me via email @ . Thank You!

-Justine Encarnacion




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