No Love…

8 12 2009

Anthony Santana
So team RISK just finished up their presentation, and class, you guys are in for a treat! We went around interviewing fellow USF students about Filipino culture to see how much they knew. Their answers are exactly the results we though we would get—that would be not much; for whatever reason Americans do not know much about the Philippines! I’ve been trying to figure out the reasons why. The only thing that I could think of is that Filipinos are not represented in American pop culture. Besides Manny Pacquiao, I can’t think of any other Filipino that is popular amongst Americans. Now this could be disturbing, because it can be a sign of structural racism. I’m sure there are plenty of Filipino entertainers that reside in America, but it doesn’t seem like they are getting any breaks on any major stages. I do know that for many immigrants that come to America this is a major problem. For example, many Chinese American actors are completely stereotypes in the roles they play (the easy going easterner). We rarely see any immigrant group as a leading character in American cinema. This needs to change; Filipinos need to have more present in America’s entertainment mediums. Hopefully soon, this structural racism will be eliminated.



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