Filipino Birthday Party

8 12 2009

Two days ago, I attended my niece and nephew’s combined birthday party. My beautiful and adorable niece, Lyric, turned one, while my handsome nephew turned nine. It was a huge event, considering the fact that my sister invited the whole Filipino clan. I helped out set the event, plan decorations and themes, as well as decide which Filipino dishes to serve. In the Filipino culture, birthday parties are huge events that every side of the family attends. On the day of the party, my boyfriend and I helped my sister run errands, pick up balloons, cakes, as well as help decorate the venue. It was an adrenaline rush throughout the whole two hours of set up. We were absolutely hurried. As the party began, several Filipino aunties, uncles, cousins, friends of family and acquaintances all showed up, of course some being fashionably “Filipino” late. They all greeted the celebrants, dropped their presents at the gift table, found their seats, and began to savor the delicious Filipino food. My mom, sister, and aunties all cooked the dishes that day. Among the dishes were rice, chicken adobo, vegetable lumpia, beef and broccoli, fried shrimp, and the crowd favorite, Lechon(roasted pig)! I noticed that everyone were eyeing the lechon as they walked towards the food area. After eating, I noticed how everyone was just trying to catch up with each other, taking advantage of this time to update each other with their lives. In tagalong, we call this “chismis”. After the blowing of the cakes, each of the guests walked towards the food area, with my mom and sister’s assistance, began grabbing some food for to go. In most Filipino parties, bringing food to go has become a tradition. I have seen others even bring Ziploc bags, foil and Tupperware. It was a fun yet a delightful thing to watch. Overall, the birthday party was a success. All the hard work that everyone has put in for the party definitely paid off!

-Justine Encarnacion




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