Daughter from Danang

8 12 2009

I had watched this movie/documentary called Daughter from Danang, and it was about a girl named Heidi who was born in Vietnam. U.S. occupation impacted her life greatly there due to the Vietnam War and her mother had bore her after having sexual relations with a military white man. She was often made fun of at school for being bi-racial and the kids always picked on her. When she was around seven years of age, Her mom decided that she would be a lot safer going to America with an adoptive family.

As she got older, she wanted to find out about her Vietnamese roots and go visit her biological mother. In the movie, the moment that really made me sad is when she had stated that she felt like she had lost bother of her mothers because her American one didn’t really keep contact with her after she had moved out – they had only talked rarely – and of course, she didn’t thave much of a bond with her biological mother.

In this movie she wanted to go visit so that she would be able to identify herself as an Asian and an American. She identified herself as an American at the end. Even though she didn’t say it, actions speak louder than words and she had chosen to stay in America and not help her biological mother. It was a very eye-opening and a heart-felt movie. You guys should really watch it.

-Gen Iseri




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