API Wellness Center 2

8 12 2009

The best part of my experience is working in the office and having conversations with the people who are a part of this community center. I actually never knew the API Wellness Center even existed until this class, and I think it’s really beneficial to have something like this in San Francisco where a handful of the population is Asian American. The workers and other volunteers there were all nice and helpful, aiding me whenever I needed it. The second best experience is when I was working at the Fair, and although I didn’t have the most interesting job of all, I thoroughly enjoyed watching people express themselves and have a good time being themselves. These two were the highlights of my experience because I was actually able to interact with people that were a part of the program and people who the programs were made for. It felt good to see that I was in a small way helping people in the program, and especially people who weren’t in it. There weren’t any bad experiences, really, because everyone was nice and understanding so I didn’t have a hard time or anything. I really enjoyed this experience just because of the fact that I know I’m volunteering in a place that is meant to help other Asians and other people.

I like talking about my experiences because I think they are very beneficial in learning about gay and lesbian Asian Americans in the San Francisco community.

-Gen Iseri




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