The Importance of Cultural Identification and Acceptance in the US

7 12 2009

One part of each person’s identity is how he or she identifies himself or herself culturally. The thing I think is interesting is that this culture may or many not be connected to one’s ethnicity.  For example many immigrants in the US identify themselves with the culture of their homeland, as American, or both.  The US is the most unique place because there is no one ethnicity that is American.  Because of this, America has the possibility to be stronger then any other country however only after the problems associated with identity are overcome.

As we have explored in class there are many issues that Filipinos/Filipino-Americans and other groups (African-Americans, Asian-Americans, women on welfare, etc.) face because of their race and cultural identification.  Even though our country has come a long way (making slavery illegal and abolishing separate facilities for black and white people) we still have many improvements to make.  Until we can fully accept each other and our differences, we can’t truly unite and work to make America the best place it can be.

By learning about the history, traditions, and values of each other’s culture we can learn to respect each other and find commonalities.  By opening up the doors to conversation about stereotypes and cultural struggles we can work towards eliminating them.  But without talking about and acknowledging that theses situations exist, no progress can be made.  The discussions and activities we have done in our class are what need to be done to open the topics.  We have to realize that being American is being from different backgrounds and coming together to find better conditions, equal rights, and success.





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