my family

7 12 2009

I am a Filipino-American. My family immigrated from the Philippines in order to find better jobs, opportunities, and a better life. We work together to make things work and rely on each other for support. My family is really close. we are religious and come together on all occasions. My mom had 5 brothers and sisters who all live in Vallejo. There are 14 of us cousins all close in age (about one year apart). We all went to the same elementary school-St. Catherine of Siena and then the same high school-St. Patrick- St. Vincent and later went away for college. Although we separated, we all went to a private school in the Bay Area. This allowed us to stay close to home and also to make is easier to return home when we had events and parties. My family comes together every day of the weekend (until now) taking turns on who hosts it, just to talk, catch up, and eat together. When we were little, we used to have massive sleepovers with every room of the house filled. The parents and grandparents in the living room and kitchen area drinking coffee, singing karaoke, or gambling their money away playing Majong. The kids all over the place running, yelling, and screaming or just playing video games. Now-a-days, although we do different things at our weekly get togethers, called “quorums” we all still enjoy each others company. The adults atll still sitting together but this time a little older, slower and more tired just talking and drinking their coffee and the cousins, older now, are just as chill as the parents. After the parents leave thought, us cousins have a little quorum on our own with some friends and of course of significant others. This usually includes drinking alcohol instead of coffee, or we go out to watch movies. One of us is a manager at a movie theater and so we get in free to watch movies and we usually go to see movies that one of out cousins worked on (hes a visual effects artist) and we stay all the way till the end of the movie to the credits just to see his name on the big screen.
We come together on all occasions which include holdays (day before, or and after), birthdays, graduations, promotions, and all religious occasions from birth to death and to the afterlife. We’ve experienced a lot of death in our family: parents, grandparents, siblings, and cousins. I guess this makes us even closer. I believe that my family is afraid of being alone and so hence the quorums every weekend. It allows us to spend time together, learn from each other, to take care of each other, and pray for our loved ones. When we pray we come together to celebrate their birthday and to remember their life at their death anniversary. We pray the rosary and ask many of the angels and saints to watch over them and to show them the joys of the afterlife with God.
I enjoy being with my family knowing I could always come home and feel welcomed, never alienated. I love my family and i hope that we continue this tradition with our own families later in the future.





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