Knowing Your Roots

7 12 2009

My past 3 blogs have been about Manny Pacquiao, whether it was talking about his victory over Cotto, his upcoming match with Mayweather, or the success of his limited sneakers. But there are other things that Filipinos that have gained notoriety. Last year I took this Filipino American Arts class. At first I took the class to fulfill my art core, but I learned a lot about Filipino History as well as Filipino culture. Before that class I was ignorant, not knowing anything about my culture then few tid bits. The class was more than learning about certain art work or certain Filipino artists. It taught me about the history of Filipinos and struggles of the Filipino immigrants in America. It was a fun class that taught me more about Filipinos then just knowing Manny Pacquiao. I understood that there were others in history that paved the way for many of the Filipinos today. For my final project for that class, we had to create a something that displayed the theme halo halo. Halo-Halo means mix mix, and the project had to incorporate a mix of American culture and Filipino culture. I made a youtube that was a parody of the Vitamin commercial that debated who was better Kobe or LeBron. What me and my friend Ron did was a debate of who is the hero of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao or Jose Rizal. The video shows me and my friend arguing back and forth, but our arguing had stopped once the more intelligent versions of us explained to that there are other Filipino past and present that are as important. The whole video was based on knowing your roots and understanding that there are other Filipinos past and present that have represented the Filipino as well as Pacquiao and Rizal.

-Raymund Bueno

Heres the youtube of my last project




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