Friendship games

7 12 2009

Every year, Kasamahan, the Filipino organization on campus goes down to CSU Fullerton to compete in friendly games against other Filipino orgs from northern and southern California and even some from Arizona and Nevada. Kasamahan travels by renting cans in which people are assigned according to their schedules and when they could go. Last year, I didn’t go with Kasamahan, but rather I drove down with my cousins to our relatives house in Northridge. My boyfriend then picked me up and we went to his place in Los Angeles. I then met up with USF Kasamahan in Fullerton, but I came late. So i missed out on a lot of fun. This is my fifth year in college and i haven’t experienced the real friendship games and so i decided to go with Kasamahan instead. Friendship games was October 23-25 this year. I was asked to drive down and decided to accept it because i wanted to experience all the fun of a road trip with my fellow peers from school. I heard so many stories of all the fun that people had one their way to and from friendship games and i wanted to be a part of it. I participated in Friendship Week where we learned a roll call dance/performance to do in front of the entire friendship games community. Also, we made props and practiced cheers for the actual games. There this thing called SPUF- spirit, pride, unity, and friendship where orgs go to other orgs and show SPUF by having little cheers, skits, routines, or games. The orgs go back and forth in a little battle of spirit and give a little gift or have little game for the other org to do. This shows our spirit and unity to other orfs and in the end there is a title of SPUF champions. Its a really fun idea because while the actual games are going on, those who aren’t participating in that “heat” or ir if they aren’t cheering on any other orgs are going around to keep each other in the spirit of frienship games. One of my favorites this year was San Jose State. Their SPUF was about knights and the sword in the stone. USF had our SPUF with an old school kind of feel. We had fake boom boxe props and a graffiti wall. We also had fake turn tables and head phones. The games itself included alpine green, ground hog, conveyor blet, the nasty, and the tidal wave. I really liked friendship games. Its a really good experience and loads of fun. Its a good way to create community amongst different Filipino organizations throughout western US. It brings us all together because we all have things in common. Once the atual games are done, everyone tried to get some rest because that same night there is this massive party at different locations every year. This year, it was  at the House of Blues in downtown Disney. Our weekend concluded with a lunch with the other members of Kasamahan. We usually break up into our cans where each can has an agenda for what they wanted to do for the rest of their weekend in southern California and so, my van and another van (Omicron, my sorority, and XYZ a fraternity) stayed to go shopping while others went to a bakery, Portos. The weekend was amazingly fun and was a good way to creat new friendships with other members of our own USF Kasamahan community.





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