Filipino Superstitions

7 12 2009

Being a Filipino, I have heard, recognized and adapted to several superstitious beliefs and uncommon facts over the years.  The common myth of “if you step on a crack, then you break your mother’s back” has made many people watch where they step while walking down a sidewalk.  Others have simply ignored the myth, and saying those aren’t true.  However, in a Filipino household, we tend to easily follow the superstitions of the Filipino culture that has been around for years.

A few beliefs that I personally have followed throughout the years are as follow:

– Never have your bed face a door or closet.  Having your feet point towards a door signals that you are welcoming death into your life.

-If someone is lying down, avoid walking over the person, or else the person lying down will stop growing.  If you accidentally walk over him/her, simply walk back over to “undo” your first walk.

-At the dinner table, do not move to a different seat if you already started eating.  If you do, you will get divorced or have two husbands.

-When moving into a new house, scatter coins all around to allow prosperity into your life.

-If you bite your tongue, someone is thinking about you.

-Don’t sleep with your hair wet, or you will grow white hair at an early age.

-Never set your purse on the floor, or else you will lose money.

There are sooo many more superstitions that Filipinos follow.  They may seem wierd or just plainly hard to believe, but I find them so interesting.  On top of that, it’s difficult for me to avoid following them, especially because of the fact that everyone else in my family follows them.

-Racquel Aquino




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