Final Thoughts

6 12 2009

           What can I say? KA class was really an eye opener to me.  I grew up into a family that didn’t really teach me much about Filipino history and they didn’t speak much of issues that Filipinos faced.  I had to find out for myself, either through experience, ask other people, or find out through some type of media.  But what I could see through my own eyes were the struggles and hardships that the Filipino people had to endure.  The reason why my parents didn’t talk much about Filipino issues was that to them it was something to fix, live on, and not talk about it.  Yet, I feel that we need to know and speak about Filipino issues, even though they might be sensitive to some people.  We can’t hide the struggles that made Filipinos what they are today.  Yes, as Filipino people we still have this issue of finding our own identity, but that doesn’t hold us back from being great individuals in today’s society.  KA has given me the opportunity to see all sides of the spectrum and to acknowledge that from the beginning of colonization till now, Filipinos will always be faced with some type of challenge.  The diversity of KA has also allowed me to see that other ethnicities are very similar to the Filipino struggles.  All in all, I had a great time doing the blogs, KA community services, and learning about my “Filipinoness” through this class.  Even though we had a slow start on things, everything fell into place and turned out very rewarding.  Thanks IRENE & CLAUDINE!! 

-April Tungpalan




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