The Rise of Pinay Boxing: Ana Julaton

5 12 2009

With all the talk on his latest win over Cotto and his possible showdown with Floyd Mayweather, boxing king Manny Pacquiao has once again been the talk of the town, not just among the Filipino community but also the world. Pacquiao’s continued dominance in the sport has not only inspired other Filipinos to take on boxing, but helped other Filipinos gain more exposure in the sport, one being rising star Ana Julaton.

A native of Daly City, Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton is rapidly becoming one of boxing best FEMALE boxers! That’s right, female. Boasting a 5-1-1 record (with 1 KO), she already has won a world championship in her short professional career.

Just by taking one good look at her, you would probably think shes some kind of Filipina model. Despite her magazine worthy looks, you probably wouldn’t be able to guess she is the latest Filipino that is taking the boxing world by storm. She’s already faced two opponents with more than 10 fights experience as well as beat a world champion who had more than 40 victories.

Whats interestingly ironic is that as a kid, she had zero interest in the sport: “When my family got together to watch the big fights, I was in the other room playing with toys, and totally disinterested.” Looking back now, she has embraced the ssport as a whole: “As I got older and got into it, I learned what a science it truly is. It was through martial arts, which my Dad got me into when I was younger, that I learned discipline; and it was boxing that taught me hard work and how to pay close attention to details and directions.”

Despite her success, she has also spent time being an activist. She has currently been involved in raising awareness about the typhoon relief in the Philippines as well as being involved in campaigns against domestic violence. On top of all that, she continues to work as a youth instructor at Westwind’s martial art school in Berkely.

Not only because she is a world champion, but with her work with typhoon relief and domestic violence Ana Julaton has shown she can be an exceptional role model as well. Tonight she is actually going for her second world championship against knockout artist Donna Biggers (19-8-4 w/16KOs).

For every king, there must be a queen. Manny Pacquiao has become the King of Philippine boxing, but right now people are starting to realize Ana Julaton could very well be Queen.
-Nes Martin Morales




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