March 13th…Judgement Day

4 12 2009

The day is set, March 13th, the day in which the reigning pound for pound best, Manny Pacquiao, fights the former pound for pound best, Floyd Mayweather Jr. This is the fight that everyone has been anticipating since Pacquiao gained national spotlight. This fight that will determine who really is the best boxer in the world. Mayweather is undefeated, a perfect 40-0 record, while Manny Pacquiao is at his prime defeating De La Hoya, Hatton, and Cotto. This fight will determine wether or not Mayweather’s streak will stay unhindered. While Pacquiao has recently maintained a consistent boxing career with a record of , 53-3-2, no fight is bigger than this one; if victorious, Pacquiao will solidify himself as one of the best boxers in history. We are going to witnesses one of the greatest boxing matches in history. Will Pacquiao be ready for the biggest fight in his life, while juggling the stresses of running for office? Does he have enough grace period to heal from the injuries that he sustained during his brutal fight with Cotto? Will Mayweather finally see his first loss, or will he continue his dominance on the welterweight division?We all have to wait and see. Save the date March 13th.

-Raymund Bueno




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