Filipino Cuisine

3 12 2009

-Kiernan Rien

Filipino food is a mixture of many different cultures with its origins being Malayo-Polynesian. You can find a trace of Chinese, American, Asian even Hispanic influences within the Philippine cuisine. Although there are many influences within the Filipino food it does have a very distinctive style and taste making every dish its own. To cook the food they usually boil, steam, or roast using herbs and spices found throughout the islands. Rice is considered the main food of the Philippines. However, they do compliment each dish with tropical fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, and other meats. The Philippines are especially well known for their pansit noodles, roast pig which is called lechon, and eggrolls. These staple dishes are usually catered at weddings, fiestas, Christmas’s, and birthday parties. Although some of these dishes are often difficult to prepare in time and technique they are much appreciated and enjoyed when finished. I personally have tried Filipino cuisine and it was phenomenal. My roommate is Filipino and he always prepares me delicious things to eat. Also, something very cool and interesting about the Filipino culture is they like to fry food. My roommate has taught me many awesome tricks for frying almost anything and how to make something taste really good with minimal ingredients.

-Kiernan Rien




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