Bake Sale

3 12 2009

-Kiernan Rien

I didn’t know how well the bake sale was going to turn out, but with only one hour and a half it was a complete success. Although I did not personally make the delicious Filipino dishes I helped promote them. At first people seemed reluctant to try the different types of Filipino foods, but as the music played more people showed up to try something new. I personally tried the musubi dish which was spam on top of rice wrapped in seaweed. I have to say it was something I would’nt normally order off any menu, but turned out to be not so bad, and actually pretty good.

If I have learned one important thing in this class aside from Filipino history, it is to try new things. The bake sale was a success not only because it made so much money, but because it actually got people to step out of their comfort zones and try something they wouldn’t normally try. I really enjoyed getting together and working with everyone to make this event a success. I also enjoyed the music it really made the event come to life and really brought everyone together even more. Overall, I enjoyed both the bake sale and the fundraiser and felt they were all successful in aiding in the Ondoy relief.

-Kiernan Rien




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