Philippine History

2 12 2009

-Kiernan Rien

Filipino people can trace their roots from Asia. The Philippines were inhabited around 25,000 BC from the Asian mainland. After that, the Philippine islands saw an influx of Indonesian and Malayan settlers. This made the Philippines rich in culture and a prime area for trade with other countries such as: China, Indonesia, and Japan.

A Portuguese explorer by the name of Ferdinand Magellan was one of the first to occupy the small islands in 1521. The islands would later become known as the Philippines in honor of Philip the II of Spain (no by native choice of course).

After the Spanish-American War in 1899 the United States would be given the Philippines with the Treaty of Paris. With much strife natives would try and fend off the continuing occupation of the U.S. Emilio Aguinaldo would lead Filipinos in guerilla warfare until about 1901.

Although declared independent the islands would still endure occupation and suffering. On December 8, 1941 Japan invaded the Philippines. In 1944 the U.S. would reinvade the Philippines. And in 1945 Manila would be liberated and President Sergio Osmeña would reestablish the government. Although the Philippines have been occupied for most of its known history, it is a place of rich culture; a culture that should be recognized and celebrated by all.

-Kiernan Rien




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