Filipinos Working in the Cruise Line Industry

2 12 2009

Just a few days ago, I returned home from a 10-day cruise to Aruba, Jamaica, Panama Canal,  Columbia, and Costa Rica.  I’ve got to say that out of all the cruises I’ve been on, this was the best yet.  Upon boarding the cruise ship in Fort Lauderdale, I was not surprised by the countless Filipino employees that greeted my family and I so warmly as we explored the ship.  This cruise had the most Filipino employees I have ever seen.  I must say roughly 50% of the workers have got to be Filipino.

When it came to fine dining each night, we discovered the executive chef as well as one of the sous chefs were Filipino! Lucky us, my family and I were spoiled with tasty and well served Filipino food that they cooked especially for us, on top of the food we already ordered from the night’s menu.  We found out that the sous chef is originally from my dad’s small hometown in the Philippines.  What a small world! Every night both chefs would come out of the kitchen to greet us.  Their thoughtfulness, generosity, warm inviting character were so delightful.  For the many Filipino workers on the ship, my family became so attached to them we were sad to leave.  They did let us know that they loved having fellow Filipinos onboard, because of the main fact that they are away from their own family back home for months at a time.

-Racquel Aquino




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