Bake Sale!

2 12 2009

Anthony Santana

          Thoughts on the bake sale…I hate to admit it, but our bake sale was my first.  Yes, I was a bake sale virgin…  I was pleasantly surprised to see how much money we made in only an hour.  We put this thing together so fast that I had some doubts that we would even make $50 dollars.  I’m glad I was proven wrong—I need to be more positive!   Additionally, the bake sale was interesting for me not knowing much about Filipino cuisine.  It was the first time I’ve even seen Filipino food, and I’ve traveled a lot.  The rice with the spam (forgot what it was called) was awesome!  Actually, come to think of it, it was the first time I’ve had spam!  I also really enjoyed the Filipino pasta, which I was told is “much sweeter” than the Italian made pasta that I’m accustomed to.  So whoever made those two dishes, congrats, you made me happy.  I also liked the Filipino music that was being played by our classmates.  It was nice to see that your culture is still being passed generation to generation.  Yes, most of my Filipino classmates have probably never even been to the Philippines, but they hold on to their Filipino culture that was brought to them from early generations—this is something to be proud of.




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