A Desire to Shine Their Talent

2 12 2009

There were several forms of entertainment on the cruise I mentioned in my last blog.  One show in particular was titled “The International Crew Show” which showcased some of the ship’s employees.  These workers performed a special talent they had and wanted to share with the 2,000 passengers on board.  Out of the six performers, four of them were Filipino, each showcasing their talent – all were singing.

I personally thought that it was nice for Princess Cruise Lines to allow a show like this.  Employees that are not used to performing in front of a big audience have the opportunity to share with fellow passengers talents that they would probably pursue to showcase more often, if they were not upon the sea. I was not surprised that all of the Filipinos that performed chose to showcase singing.  It is so typical in the Philippine Culture to have a kareoke machine in their house.  From what I have experienced and heard, if you have talent, you should share it.  The waiters, engineer, and spa specialist that sung their heart out were so entertaining.  It was nice for them to be able to do something that was not their primary job on the ship.

-Racquel Aquino



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